JTD Productions "Music with Teeth"

JTD is short for Jeffrey the Dog. That was the beloved dog that Dave Leonard took with him everywhere, even gigs as a DJ for weddings and other events in New York. A very beloved dog that he named his business after. And after Jeffrey came Jackson. And the theme of canines runs through out much of his marketing.

For example on his Radio show MUSIC WITH TEETH he list categories with unique canine related names.

For example: The Poop, Fetch, Best in Show , Pavlov Just to name a few... and those links are clickable (above) go there and you can see his radio show website.

I know Dave personally because I have shot many weddings where he was the DJ and many others where one of his associates was the DJ. I always know that it's going to be a great party when JTD Productions is the DJ. He is probably the most loved and respected DJ upstate. And an all around wonderful person. His Charity work, and parties for the community are too numerous to name.

And he's fun. I remember I was shooting a wedding at Full Moon Resort.... Everyone was dancing, and Dave was in front of his turntable. There was a woman close by, dancing with some other girlfriends... sort of a half-hearted dancing. You know... just a little swaying around but with some decent moves.

I think that Dave felt like she would have loved to dance, so he came out from behind his turntable and without a word took the woman by the hand, and they started dancing. I mean DANCING! I felt suddenly like we had been transported to Dancing with the Stars. She and Dave were swing dancing totally in sync for a whole song, much to the delight of the woman. It was such an act of spontaneity and warmth and kindness. And such fun for everyone at the wedding. And he went back to DJ'ing like it was nothing.... like nothing ever happened.

Here is a review from one of his clients in the Hudson Valley... and this is the first one I picked.. they are all rave reviews:

What can I say, they were true professionals that actually care about the clients they serve. They were easy to work with, easy to get in touch with, and extremely well priced! The owner, Dave, is the person who actually came out and DJed our reception, and all that can be said, is that it was perfection! He felt the room, he knew what songs to play, and when, he hit almost every single song on our request list, and worked the room beautifully! Bill R. Hamburg, NJ

Dave's Dogs below

And JTD works tons of Barn and Rustic weddings. So check them out if you want a DJ that you and your guests will never stop talking about!

www.jtdproductions.com info@jtdproductions.com

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