The dream of a barn wedding and what you need to know


The Dream of a Barn Wedding!

There are so many wonderful reasons to have a rustic barn wedding! This is especially true for couples coming from NYC to upstate for their wedding. They want to be in the fresh air, and they want something relaxed and rustic with maybe a bonfire at the end of the night. Farms and barns are also the perfect backdrop for photography and guests love the relaxed atmosphere of a rustic venue.

Venue above: A PRIVATE ESTATE Photorapher: Alen Fetahi Wedding Planner: Danielle at Every Little Detail

Does everyone love a Barn Wedding?

Unfortunately some people do not… that is if they were not invited guests but just happen to live close to a barn venue. Researching for this blog post I came across many articles about communities fighting barn venues because they do not like the weekend traffic, noise and they do not like change.

Venue above Shadow Lawn Photography by Jean Kallina

What does your venue need to opperate legally?

Ripley Hathaway of *A PRIVATE ESTATE says: “Permitted venues have to go through a series of public hearings with both their town planning and zoning boards. Neighbors are notified of the venue’s existence and hours of operation and can voice their opinions. Everything concerning safety is addressed from the entrance to the venue to the width of the driveway for a fire truck, dedicated parking, the potability of the water, handicap accessibility, the size of the septic system if there are indoor bathrooms/ prep kitchen, fire exits, signage, lighting. All t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. It’s a thorough and expensive process for the venue but in the end you will have peace of mind. The last thing in the world you want to do is be scrambling to find another venue because the town judge shut the venue down.”

*A PRIVATE ESTATE is a landmarked National Register Property and an original Livingston Estate, in the Hudson Valley.

Venue above: Brides family farm Photography by Jean Kallina

So should you go ahead with your Barn Wedding plans?

ABSOLUTELY!! There is no other experience on your wedding day that will be as unique, romantic, relaxed and talked about for years to come as a beautiful rustic wedding… Especially if it is at a rustic venue in the Hudson Valley! With those Hudson River views… there is nothing to compare. It is a unique type of venue where a couple can make the day completely unique and showcase all of the special aspects of their personalities and relationship. Just make sure your venue has all the necessary permits for the town they are in and you are good to go. Happy Planning!

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